Arduino + Camera

Using the Arduino USB board, will I be able to use the IDS uEye USB camera { } so that (with proper coding) the microprocessor will have control of the picture-taking? This specific camera is very compact, ideal for my project, and it has camera control through USB port. From reading other posts here, I see that many have to do some wiring to other cameras.

Sorry I would say not. The USB on the arduino is a slave not a master so it can't control another USB device. It also has insufficient speed and memory to do anything with the pictures.

Is there any small camera that I can use? Many use the larger cameras, but I have to put two on a robot platform. So size is a big factor.

What do you want to do with the camera? Or, more importantly, what do you want to do with the images it produces?

I am doing a 2D to 3D reconstruction. I will use two cameras to take two pictures to achieve this. I also have to create an autonomous robot which will capture the pictures, and the robot will utilize the Arduino microprocessor. All i want the robot to do is be able to control the camera, i.e. take the picture.

Technically, if you get a camera with SD card inside, all you would need to do is fire both shutters at same time. The trick is finding a small enough point and shoot that has remote trigger.

Has anyone heard of any projects with Audrino and Bumblebee or Surveyor SRV, Blackfin, Firewire, Omnivision OV9655??? I am very new to this aspect of development and hardware!

After looking at many forums, I realize that there will need to be another processor of some sort when trying to take photographic images. I know I want an Arduino to control my robot's movement, but picking a camera with a processor that is capable of sending that image is the question. The terms i2c, UART, and SPI are confusing at this time. Many camera sets online say they are fully open source which means there is some way that Arduino can signal to the other processor to take the picture and send it. Which of the listed will be my best option to optimal perofrmance?

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