Arduino can-bus dayriding led's


Is it possible to led blink a led on the arduino when i am turning on for ex. the right signal light on my car ? The arduino is connected on to the canbus of the car : AUDI TT 8n

The goal is :

When i blink to the left : D1 of the arduino has a led and is blinking. When i blink to the right : D2 of the arduino is blinking

When i push on a button : input D6, the output D3 must go on, when i push again on the button then output D3 must go off.

Kind regards Geert

Not sure what "dayriding" is, but yes, you can interface with a vehicles CANBUS system. you're going to need a CAN transciever, as well as some additional interface logic to be able to read it, then you're going to have to know how to understand the CAN BUS commands.

You could use something like this: