Arduino Can Bus Shield Not Receiving


I am having some trouble receiving messages off a CAN bus using a Sparkfun Arduino Shield(link below). I have tried using several different libraries for this but to no avail.

My current set up is I have 1 CAN bus shield and a second "home brew" shield, both of these can quite happily send data out onto the bus, this has been verified using an oscilloscope(I can post up images if people so desire). They also work in a loop back mode.

I have also got two 120 ohm terminator resistors (in parallel) to create the 60 ohm resistor specified in the mcp2551's data sheet.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it working?

Thanks in advance,



P.s. I am aware of similar posts on other sites, but they all seem to have been people who have not put terminating resistors on the bus or have the two nodes connected the wrong way round.