Arduino Can Bus Variable Speed

I recently started programming with Arduino and CanBus shield Elecfreaks. Currently I’m making a project ‘new’ cluster into an older vehicle. I want to use CAN bus shield for ARDUINO UNO and my goal is to write a program to convert some input data in hex format into CAN ID and send them on CAN bus CLUSTER.

So, can I use it in inverse application? (to put data on CAN bus) and send it(variable) over CAN bus protocol via cluster (canbus).

Anyone can help my problem? :confused:

Question 1) How to make it variable for byte5 & byte6 (speed)

Question 2) It is possible vss square wave (PWM) convert to HEX can id?
If can’t. How to make it variable PWM at byte5 & byte6.

Thanks :slight_smile:

paul_reference.ino (3.81 KB)