Arduino can communicate via serial monitor but not with softwareserial

Hi, guys. As I mention in topic, my arduino can communicate with serial monitor with bareminimum code. But when I upload code with same baud rate serial monitor 115200 RX,TX=2,3 , I can't get response from esp8266. Serial.println on 9600 baudrate say 0 when I use esp8266.available(). Is that error come from the failure of the esp8266 bootloader that can't communicate via softwareserial?

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Can you show the sketch between code-tags.
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What are you trying to do ? Using SoftwareSerial on the default RX,TX pins for the Serial Monitor ? Do you think that pin 2 and 3 are for the Serial Monitor ? I don't understand it.

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@ramzie i don't think softwareserial works at 115200 baud. Certainly not on an UNO, but i dont know about an esp8266.

I don't think software serial works at all on an ESP8266, the interrupts that drive the WiFi part mess up the timings.

Are you aware of
If you use that you get the hardware serial port on GPIO13 (Rx) and GPIO15 (Tx). If you do this you get a perfectly good hardware serial port but at the expense of losing the USB port.

Not that you must not allow GPIO15 to be pulled high at boot because if you do it won't boot. I solve this with a 3k3 resistor to 0V.

There is also TxD1 on GPIO2, but you cannot access the corresponding RxD1, making it a Tx only serial port. I've never used this one.

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