Arduino can i use a 2 Pin Connector Thermal Sensor 0.06m ?


I have just been rummaging through my spare bits and found two spare pc temp sensors which are super thin so they can go between heat sinks. If you don’t know the sensor i mean here is a link to one exactly the same 2-Pin-Connector-Thermal-Sensor-0-06m

Will they work with an arduino ? , i assume it is just resistance being measured. So if they will work how should i wire them to the arduino and what library should i use if any ?

If you wonder why i want to use them, their is two reasons. First i have them already so i can save time and cash, Second i want to read a Peltier cold side right on its surface and also the hot side underneath the heat sink.

Normally these are just thermistors, so you'll have to find out what response curve they are, but the commonest
are 10k at 25C.

Question, When you say “in between heatsinks” do you mean between the heat source (Mosfet, CPU etc) and the heatsink? If so its not a good idea. Conducting heat from one package (CPU) to a heatsink requires very intimate mechanical contact. Adding such a sensor would compromise that contact.