arduino canbus question

Hello im trying to make a cluster swap to a car that does not have can bus, but the cluster works on can, i use the arduino to read the can codes but i cont find the right ones to shut down the warning lights on the cluster and make the gouges work, is there a way to do this?
im new in arduino ...

if you can view the traffic on the Canbus it should be possible as you operate controls to analyse the codes so you can replicate them

But how ? I mist chage the trafic code right ? I cobt just simply inject the same code... what do i have to change in the code to see something happening...

if you see a particular message when you switch on a light you can send the same message and should get the same effect
what equipement are you using to monitor the canbus?

Wen i simply turn on the cluster the lights go on auto....sending bus requents ,i just cont find the answer to that request....
Im using ATmega328P CH340G UNO R3 Board and can bus shield v1.2
Can you give an example of a siganl request and the changed message ?