Arduino can't find Libraries


When Loading Sketches that require a file to be pulled from the Library the Compiler says it can’t find the file.
Going to the library file using Windows I can see all of the files in the Library folder.
If I “Browse” the file thru “Preferences” in Arduino it show the library file empty.

What do I have wrong?

Tahnk you very much!! :grinning:

1)Post your code Here

  1. goto sketch->m import library-> select library you need

If it is empty

goto Arduino folder where you find library folder Check whether library file available or not. if Not

download relevant library from net. unzip in this folder. restart your IDE again . This time you find accumulated library

If the libraries folder in your sketch folder is named "Library" and not "libraries" that would cause it to fail.

You mean you cant see any library on Arduino IDE? :astonished: