Arduino can't install the usb driver to connect with windows 7

Hello I’m kind of new here so I’ll try specify as much as I can.

My problem is that the arduino uno R3 (make special edition) can’t install the usb driver to the computer.
The computer I’m using is a lenovo windows 7 with 32 bits.
I have already gone to the forums and saw some people with the same problem and follow their solution. That is to go to device manager right click the unknown device and browse for the driver in the arduino folder. But when I do that it gives the following error message.

It says: Windows found drivers software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
Then it says a service installation section in this INF is invalid.

Does someone has an idea on how to fix this.
Ps. I tried to connect to another windows 7 64 bit sony computer and it works with no problem, so I know is something from my Lenovo computer that does not go through with the installation.

Thanks in advance.

install failed.PNG

Have a go at using the drivers found in the "Old-Arduino-Drivers" archive under the drivers folder in the install directory. Those might work for you.

i'm also getting the same problem in connecting arduino mega 2560.
please tell me if you get any solution.

thanks in advance