Arduino can't work with GPS Shield LEA-5H


I have some problems with my LEA-5H GPS shield. The shield doesn't transfer any data with Arduino Mega ADK. But when I connect it to my computer, the shield works fine. I used the "official" listing for the shield from the Robot Wiki. Here is the link: DFRduino_GPS_Shield-LEA-5H__SKU_TEL0044_-DFRobot

There I have just changed Serial port to Serial1, because data are transfered through the radio module connected to the Serial1 port. Serial and Serial1 ports are absolutely operational (it's checked). But as a result I see on the screen "UTC(): " and nothing more. It looks like the GPS shield doesn't send any data to Arduino.
As I also understand, the I2C wire is used in the listing. But how it could be used, if the shield isn't connected to SDA and SCL pins of Arduino? How can I connect LEA-5H using UART interface? It would be more preferable.

I also looked existing topics about the problem. For example, here:

the man said about changing the setup. But the link is unavailable, so I can't use this info.
Also there the solution was offered, but it didn't helped.


Thanks to all, I solved the problem.

The LEA-5H shield is customized for smaller Arduino shields like Uno. The Arduino Uno has I2C pins on the positions A4 and A5, whereas Arduino Mega ADK has SDA and SCL on the digital pins 20 and 21. So I physically connected A5 to SCL and A4 to SDA and it started to work properly! :slight_smile: