Arduino Car Cruisse Control


This is my first post, and I woul like to ask you for help for the project I have in mind

I would like to make an active cruisse control for my car (Renault Mégane 1.6e petrol 1997) using Arduino

For those that don't know what is an active cruisse control... Is a system that maintain the speed you want without pressing the gas pedal.

I think that is a simple system. I'll explain it:

My car, such as most of the cars until the early 2000's use a wired gas pedal. That means that when I press the gas pedal, a wire is pulling thhe throttle

What i want, is, to put an electric motor. This electric motor will have anothher wire, conected to thhe throttle and wil be in charge of pulling thhe thtotle.
If I want to mantain as for example 120km/h and i am below this speed, the motor should pull from tthe wire, it will pull the throotle, and if i am above this speed the motor should stop pulling the wire
The system requirements are:
-The system need to know the speed of the vehicle (This is easy, because we have RPM sensor)
-The system as to stop when i press the clutch, or brake pedal (each pedal has a switch)
-I would like to set the speed by the following options if they are posible
*When I am at a certain speed, as for example 120km/h, if I press a buton, the car will mantain tis speed
*By introducing the speed wanted by a keyboard
-If the car exceeds the speed selected, and the system can not lower te speed, it must do a noise, light a led, show a mesage..... (any of these options)

How it works
The video shows a servo motor, for this system

I'm sorry of my horrible English, I hope you can help me, because is the first of much projects in mind thhat i want to carry out, and i don't have much idea of Arduino (I'm a begginer)

Thank you very much

An Arduino could certainly be used for this purpose, and you sound like you have a grasp on what is needed to be done mechanically, so all you have left to do is implement code to control everything (as well as implement all the electronics and such).

I think where you're having trouble with is the fact that you are trying to take on a large and complex project (and this is a large and complex project) as the first thing you are doing. Instead:

  1. Play with the Arduino - play with blink and blink-without-delay sketches - try adding other/more LEDs.

  2. Play with reading an input - a switch, a button, a potentiometer, a voltage, etc - you'll need this.

  3. Play with controlling an LCD and/or a piezo buzzer or such.

  4. Play with controlling a servo

  5. Play with controlling a gear motor

  6. Learn how to combine code from your earlier sketches - learn how to code effectively.

  7. Play around with your code - and play around some more.

Basically - you need to stop thinking big, and start thinking small - break the problem up into a bunch of sub-tasks - and tackle each of those. Then combine the sub-tasks together one piece at a time.

At no point should you start to implement these changes to your car until you are confident that the pieces all work properly and safely outside of the vehicle.

Even then - you need to think carefully and clearly about what you are doing. No cruise-control system is perfectly safe, even factory-installed options. Throttles can get stuck, brakes can fail. You as a driver need to know and plan for these scenarios. However, by installing your own non-factory (and non-tested) third-party solution, you are taking a very big chance on it working consistently and safely. You are not only putting your life and well-being at stake, but also the lives and well-being of other drivers, pedestrians, etc at risk as well. You will be modifying a critical section of your vehicle, one that was already (hopefully) tested and vetted rigorously by the manufacturer as well as safety standards bodies of your government. Modifying your car in this manner throws all of that into question.

Which leads to another point:

If your locality requires car insurance in order to operate your vehicle, will your insurance still pay if you get into an accident, after you modify the vehicle? While usually the accident would have to have involved something caused by your mod for the insurance company to question things, don't expect that to be the hard truth - sometimes, insurance companies will balk at paying if the car is even suspected of being modified in a way outside of normal operating parameters - even if the mod had nothing to do with the accident. Are you willing to take on that potential financial risk if this happens?

Just make sure the legal side of things are ok before considering a cruise control project. Just in case! So one thing is law. If ok.... then second thing is failsafe mechanisms to ensure own safety if something goes wrong with this system.... due to possibly putting life on the line.

I read a journal article some years ago (hardcopy only, before the net made things so accessible, lost it now, don't have a reference) that said the testing of all the combinations of inputs to a vehicle cruise control was so complex, they advocated genetic algorithms to produce the test sequences.

Gist of the article was that it wasn't possible (or maybe feasible) to test all combinations so some kind of AI was useful to home in on the right ones.

This is way too complex a project for an amateur: even the pros screw this up.