Arduino Car with his own accespoint

Hey ya all

I'm working on a little car powered by Arduino (offcourse!), I hooked up a Fonera 2200 aka Fonera v 1.1 and connected it to the serial port of the arduino. Since I'm a Student (with other words dont have a lot of cash) I made it from all kinds of different pieces from what ever I could find.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the serial interface. I jailbreaked my Fonera and running on DD-WRT now. The only thing the Arduino is getting is the error's of the Arduino. most of the time, since I don't have the ethernet cable connected, is getting error's of unable to reach network.

The idea/goal Making a car that is controllable through (eventually) a webbrowser.

Making a car with Arduino that is connected to a AP with an Apache server on the AP. On there I want to write a little page (probably in java) with 2 "terminals" in, one for input and one for the output. This will send and receive the command through the serial ports to the Arduino.

My problem How? I don't have that much experience with the serial input from the arduino. I only used it for debugging(output) so far. And almost non with DD-WRT and the serial in and output.

Thanks in advance!

Due to being new here I couldn't post a link in my first post.

See for yourself here's how far I am so far with the hardware.