Arduino cards slot HELP

Hi everyone , i need some help.

I want to do a cards slot machine with arduino , register datas into different cards.

I heard there is a way Making holes and blocking LEDs lights and Binary , you can write data in different cards.

Anyone heard it before? any tutorials or links? i tried google-ing , but some funny results , i am still new to arduino , please help me


Hi Reisuke, Welcome aboard. I am not quite sure what you are trying to make here. What sort of cards are these, RFID cards are popular but they can be expensive especially if you want to write data into the cards as well as read them.

However, the words "slot machine" sounds to me like some sort of "fruit machine" the sorts that are in the casinos in las Vegas so I am not quite clear what you want.

Or is it some sort of punched card reader?

If you could have another shot at explaining your project it would be good.

hey hi , i did some research on RFID , please refer to this topic , thanks