pages & an ipad = blank white page?

I have an ipad in the house and anything I have tried looking at displays a plain blank page! I am using apples safari browser, i tried putting firefox on it earlier. but being an ipad2
very few apps in the app store will install on it, that includes firefox & firefox variations.
Anyone got any ideas?

Got it on my Firfox as well.
I always have to push Ctrl+F5 to hard-refresh the page (without the cache).

Deleting the cache & cookies didnĀ“t help :man_shrugging:t2:

No ipad so can't say.

Which OS? I run Firefox on Windows10 (and on Linux at occasion) and don't have a problem.


On my working PC, and on my private one.

No problem with these pages on windows10 or Linux, but I wouldn't expect there to be. I use firefox but would expect all browsers to work.
This isn't the first page the old ipad has baulked at, ipad or safari I haven't a clue which
is at fault and as I said, I can't put firefox on it to see if it works; I should have a look to see if there are any other browsers that do install on old ipads.

I did find something else out. All the pages work, it's the pages that don't display.