pages & an ipad = blank white page?

I have an ipad in the house and anything I have tried looking at displays a plain blank page! I am using apples safari browser, i tried putting firefox on it earlier. but being an ipad2
very few apps in the app store will install on it, that includes firefox & firefox variations.
Anyone got any ideas?

Got it on my Firfox as well.
I always have to push Ctrl+F5 to hard-refresh the page (without the cache).

Deleting the cache & cookies didnĀ“t help :man_shrugging:t2:

No ipad so can't say.

Which OS? I run Firefox on Windows10 (and on Linux at occasion) and don't have a problem.


On my working PC, and on my private one.

No problem with these pages on windows10 or Linux, but I wouldn't expect there to be. I use firefox but would expect all browsers to work.
This isn't the first page the old ipad has baulked at, ipad or safari I haven't a clue which
is at fault and as I said, I can't put firefox on it to see if it works; I should have a look to see if there are any other browsers that do install on old ipads.

I did find something else out. All the pages work, it's the pages that don't display.

Got a new working PC, today.
Started the Forum, which worked! Then "Accept only required Cookies" and logged in.
Since then, the same behaviour! The page is allways white on the first navigation. After pushing Ctrl+F5, it works until I close the tab.

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