wiki - who can edit?


I was browsing wiki, and found an error.

In, the link to the ATmega8 and ATmega168 bootloader source is wrong: the CVS have been cleaned up and the links are now wrong.

I'm fairly new to Arduino's world, but I sure can correct something like this. :)

But I can't : I need a login/password to edit the wiki...

Who can do that? Is there a way to get access to this? I was already figuring that I should upgrade the "getting started with Linux" page, since it has so less details than the OSX and Windows page..

Benoit-that-wants-to-help :)

At the bottom of the right-hand column of "stuff" on the playground page is a link for "request contributer access." I'm not sure that it's automatic, but my approval happened pretty quickly. (my contribution so far? I updated the "flash and eeprom tricks" page to include info on the ATmega168...)

I fixed the links, thanks for pointing it out.