Arduino Cell Phone Module in a Nokia Brick Phone

Hi everyone, This is my first time using a Arduino product and I'm not sure where to start. I am planning on using the Arduino cell phone module with a nuke brick phone from 1987. I already removed the guts of the phone and I measured the insides to see if it will fit. What I basically need from the Arduino Cell Phone is compatibility with using LED segment displays that are (1x0.5 in.) very small, call only (no texting), old Motorola ringtones when somebody call me, and I need it to work with either gsm or CDMA networks. So, how customizable is the module? Will it be able to fit the needs I have for this phone? Can someone give me some guidance on where to start if all checks out?

If you are a newbie to Arduino and programming, you probably should start learning the basics before this project.


I actually know what to do with the Arduino, the only problem is the lack of information these things come with regarding do-ability. It says nowhere online about whether or not it can handle customizable libraries to program onto the microchip. Simple codes will not work in this part, only files connected to those codes to make it usable on Arduino will help me the most.