Arduino Cheap Clone & Motor Shield Problem

Hi, this is my first post, I hope somebody can help. I purchased an Arduino clone board ( from eBay. I’ve since realised that this board isn’t pin compatible with other Arduino’s and the motor shield I’ve also purchased doesn’t fit on top.

Can somebody tell me if there is anyway I can still use these two together. This is an ATMEGA 8 board and all sketches I can find for PWM are for the ATMEGA16. I’m a complete n00b to Arduino! :smiley:

I am planning on getting an Arduino MEGA asap but for the moment I just want to get started learning with what I’ve got. Your help is much appreciated!!

I can't tell for sure, but it looks like a regular atmega8 on there, I would guess that you could just use the analog pins. On that ebay page they claim to sell compatible shields for it as well, you might think about buying a few blank shields to make it easier to develop for it. Or just buy regular arduino's!

You should be able to do the "bend the pins a bit" hack in reverse, shouldn't you (on the shields you want to connect to the board.)