Arduino chip near voltage regulator gets very hot

Hi everyone

I've made me a mousepad with rgb light described in this video. When I power it on, the chip near the regulator gets very hot. It's powered over an USB laptop port. How can I lower the heat?

Thanks in advance! hollyghost

The typical answer is to give power hungry devices with a separate power supply.

I guess you’re referring to the resettable fuse.

It is a device with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC), which means that the resistance increases when the temperature rises.

If you draw too much current from the Arduino’s USB power line, this component will limit the current.

If it gets very hot, it means that you need to add a power supply for your LEDs. Otherwise, you might damage your computer, or the Arduino might randomly crash due to brownout.



To light 60 LEDs you need 60 * 0.06 Amps which is 3.6 Amps. The USB can only revise a 0.5 Amp output so you can damage your USB connection in your computer doing this.