Arduino circuit with 2 switches and two 12v dc motors

Hi there,

I need to get hold of a very basic circuit that will use the arduino board to drive two 12v dc motors, the circuit also needs to have two on/off switches one for each motor.

First have a look at this which will show you how to use a switch

Then, here you can see how to drive a dc motor.

Then think about how to put the two together, and how to double up for two switches and motors.


Okay thank you. I've had a look at the pages, I understand the components themselves but need a hand in terms of a schematic and how to put them together.

Thank you

Well, instead of turning on the LED, think that that pin could be the one that connects to the transistor and turns the transistor on and off.

So basically, to drive one motor, you could use the sketch that drives the LED, along with its switch, but amalgamated with the circuit of the transistor / motor to connect to that pin and Voila!

Then have a think about how to do it for two.

Edit.... This site is very good as a place to start on the electronics, especially of the components.