Arduino clicker project

Hello guys, I'm trying to copy this project and I am having a a hard time.

I got the same parts, and code however mine does not continuously click, I changed the delay setting to 10 from 25 and still no luck. also I noticed my decide doesn't make a sound like in the video. Thank you so much.

Please help. Thank you

Well, that would be complete guesswork without more information from you. The usual path to a successful solution involves posting detailed high resolution close up photos of your hardware.

Are you using the same relay, it has to not only make a click, but be able to transmit the relay movement through its case.
It is a special product with driver transistor fitted.

Driving a relay directly from the output pin is not advisable due to the limited amount of current it can supply, 20mA.

That relay has no back EMF diode so there is no protection for the controller.

All relays are not made the same, some would vibrate in a different direction and with different physical transmission of vibration.
Some do not like being switched that fast.

Tom.. :slight_smile: