arduino clone atmega328 problem

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

i get this message everytime i try to upload to it i have tried reseting before i upload and still nothing

Does your clone have a on board 16mhz crystal or resonator? Also hitting reset has to be done at just the correct moment after starting the upload from the Arduino IDE. How is your PC wired to your clone board, with a FTDI serial USB convertor chip, MAX232 link, etc?

The error you listed just means the Arduino IDE software cannot communicate with the board, could be many different causes.


it has an onboard max232 and i am using a usb to serial adapter cable

this is the board and cable

Make sure that you have the correct chip type selected in the IDE, and the correct serial port (it should whine if its incorrect before attempting to upload) hit the upload button, wait a couple of seconds, hit the reset button on the 328 circuit and wait.

I've been working with a 168 recently, It has a led and already had a blink prog on it, at the moment I'm using leds in my an indication of timing the reset. I would use autoreset but the usb to serial adapter came from my gps dongle and only provides TX/RX .

If I hit the reset and my lights start running it means the previous app. is still on there, and the upload hasn't started, you can sometimes hit the reset button again and it will start the upload, reset usually needs to be done after about 2-3seconds but no more than 5 (depending on your bootloader, some can be up to 7seconds or so), if you're too late its a question of waiting for the timeout and trying again. Bit of a fudge I guess but it works for me. just a couple of lines of code during setup to toggle the leds is enough to tell me the upload failed.

Just had a look at your clone, you need to confirm with the supplier whether it has oreset wired to the serial port, its dts or one of those pins. If it has autoreset onboard then its more than likely you have the wrong chip type selected in the arudino ide. If it doesn't have autoreset then follow the above method

looking at the video at the bottom of the page it takes the guy a long time to compile for some reason, 15seconds ot compile the blink demo is not brilliant, but it does have autoreset on it by the looks of things, he does what every other arduino user does and just hits the upload button. email the supplier is going to be the best bet unless the things I've previously mentioned help.

i have tried every option in the ide and still get the same error . is there any way i can use avr studio or something else to upload a new bootloader or just a sketch something cause i aint even been able to use it once.

I've yet to use anything but the IDE to program a chip, I would suggest getting in contact with the seller, from the video he obviously has it setup correctly for the IDE.

@ABC-King did you install the driver for the RS232 cable? I had to manually download the driver. I have XP and it installed, but didn't work. Once I downloaded a driver from the internet and installed it, worked like a charm. I also just used the cable with a max232 chip, not a whole board like you have, so I had more room for error. :)

Unplug the cable, check in the Arduino IDE under tools, remember all the Com ports, then plug the cable, check them again. If something shows up after you plugged in, it should work and is probably something else. (make sure you select it, lol :))

Most rs232 cables will use the same drivers, try installing this one or another one and try again.

just tried the third driver for my cable and still get

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x30 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

i am powering it with a 9v wallwart and i dont even get the tx or rx light to blink a little. but if i dont give it power i get resp=0x00 instead of 30. this is my first microcontroller and i am stumped.