Arduino Clone. Cannot upload

It has a TQFP atmega328p with the optiboot bootloader, an FT232RL USB to serial converter. It shows up in arduino IDE but when uploading sketches I get the error avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I designed the PCB with eagle cad and tried to copy the arduino duemilanove schematic verbatim. I was hoping someone would take a look at my schematic and let me know if you see anything obvious i'm not catching.

Are you setting the board type to Uno in the IDE ?. I have Duemilanoves reprogrammed with optiboot that give the exact same error if I try and tell the IDE they are Duemilanoves. They are effectively a Uno with Optiboot.

Part of the problem could be your power setup. 3.3V is on the low side (by ~0.5V) for running at 16 MHz. The FTDI chip has a 3.3V output when it has 5V input, but only 50mA worth. You're driving a lot of components off that 50mA source. You've got that tied to the output of a boost regulator, not sure how those two will play against each other. None of your LEDs have current limit resistors, so you could have higher than intended current flow there. Q1 should be an NPN transistor when used as a current sink like you have it.

I’ve disconnected the 3v3OUT from VCC and tied it to the USB 5v supply in. Currently I have only the FT232RL, atmega328p and supporting circuitry soldered on (clock crystal and caps, pull up resistor on reset with .1uF cap in series going to DTR of the ft232rl. I have no resistors on the Tx/Rx lines. If I understand they are optional/for protection. No LEDs or boost converter. I’ll try to get a more accurate schematic of what I actually have soldered. Still getting the same error though. avrdude cant get sync. I’ve tried selecting every board possible.

Can you load a sketch into the chip on another board and then install it on this board and see if the serial works? Something like the Ascii Table sketch. If it runs and transmits then you would at least know that the board is functional.

I can load the .hex file with no bootloader via the STK600's TQFP32 ZIF socket. Or I can try mounting the chip in the STK600, installing the bootloader, then trying to upload via arduino IDE. It would basically be like this example where the breadboard is replaced with the STK600, and the chip is removed from the arduino i'm using to program my target chip. In any case i'll see if I can get the ASCII table sketch on the chip. Thanks!