Arduino clone

Does anyone know where I can find eagle cad files of arduino clones.

First you can find the CAD files for the ORIGINAL boards of Arduino, and not only for the clones. You can find that files in the page of the product in this site in Products->Arduino->"borad". For example for Arduino Uno:

Good luck.

If you want to do your own Arduino at home I would go for
Arduino Severino, an easy version for hand making.

Very nice, mart256!

Except for the RS232 interface. Not very convenient for connecting to a "modern" laptop, which is what many people are using these days (I have 2 laptops that I use, plus my work laptop - I have 3 disconnected desktops sitting behind me on the floor, and a 4th on a shelf downstairs). Better off making a board with an FTDI header and plugging on one of the various USB/Serial adapters (FTDI based, 8U2 based, CP2102 based, PL2303 based, etc).

Mouser sells bare boards for the RS232 version if you want to go that route. I have a bunch of them in a box. If you don't need the shield form factor, then this little board is also handy, I also have some of these in a box. I use a 1284 in most of my projects for the extra hardware UART and for the extra SRAM, and design a custom board with extra components for other boards, see examples here Putting together a shift register board right now to drive a 9x9x9 LED cube.

Awesome! Thanks guys i will check those out. I have a mega adk that i have been learning on for about a year. I have an atmega 8 and atmega 48 that i have acquired. They are both surface solder chips. The 48 is on an ac to dc motor drive that i get from work occasionally when power surges take out other components on the board. The board has what looks like an spi header on it so i was able to trace the leads back to the ic and program two indicator lights to alternate with a modified blink sketch. I just completed my first eagle cad board layout with a max 7921 multiplexing ic and 8 7-segment lead's. I had my friend who works at staples print out the board layout with a few different types of paper including photo paper. He informed me that there is a photo paper optimized for laser printers and was not sure how it would transfer. I asked about the clones just to try to find a quick and easy way to make one without drawing up my own. I would also like to make one with a thru hole micro controller as i feel the pin spacing on my atmega 8 and 48 will be difficult to solder and make work as the led display will be my first home made board. I love my job, all the components i have mentioned have been free!!!!!