Arduino Cloud and sharing code with preconfigured libraries

Hi one common issue code creators have is when they share code with fellow Arduino fanatics there is almost always someone in the comment section of blogs who is having trouble with compiling the code due to missing libraries. Newbies mostly who is still getting round the fact that some sketches depend on external downloadable libraries.

Seeing you now have the ability store code in the cloud. it would be very handy to allow people to share their preconfigured ide and library dependancies in your cloud ide so that they can program their arduino right there And then.

another handy awesome awesome ability will be when you give the ability to webmasters to generate some html code which they can place next to their blog project on their website which links to a preconfigured ide already including external libraries, so that when someone wants to try it they can simply hook up their arduino to their computer press the "try this sketch" button and it starts to program the arduino straight off the website.

Here's a n example. I have a website for home automation and its making use of the esp8266 programmed via your arduino IDE. the website allows the user to generate arduino code which they can then copy paste into their IDE, problem is i have to now also create a guide that shows how to install external libraries by importing them. thanks to your guide that shows you how to do it i simply link to it. but users still sometimes struggle with it. if i could just have a button on the same page that says "try this arduino code" that will program their microcontroller directly from my shared arduino ide in the cloud it will save them allot of hastle. offcoarse you should give them the ability to review the code and make alterations before uploading for security and customization purposes.

this wil be a trully awesome feature. thanks for delivering such a great product!

Cheers from South Africa

The sharing side of sketches is already a boon to some.

I know that adding the library side of things was also on the CREATE editor roadmap.

The share function is and has been there for quite a while.

There is also the ability to embed.

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Maybe this is a topic better suited for the CREATE section of the forum ?

One caveat is the ESP8266 side of thingsā€¦
For reasons best known to somebody they are not supported and there are a plethora of outstanding requests for that set of boards to be added.

EDIT the Library inclusion is still in development.

@MartinViljoen thank you so much for your suggestions, here a brief reply to some of the issues you touched on.

  • if you link any library that has been already included in the Library Manger there is no need to install anything on the Web Editor
  • yes we are working towards including custom libraries into your sketch, so that when your share it it has everything needed to run. we don't have a deadline for this yet, but we are changing the API to support it.
  • uploading a sketch directly form the embedded sketch in a whatever website will pose a lot of security issues, when you upload a sketch from the WEB IDE you access your USB ports and certificates are required for this.

More on sharing available in this tutorial.


Has there been any updates on when we can expect to see shared libraries as a feature in Arduino create? It is such a crucial feature.

Is the timeline in the scale of months or years?

Loving the create interface so far!


Anyone ?

@meat030 this is quite a complex issue and we need to make it in a way that works seamlessly with the desktop IDE too.

We have 2 scenarios: - when you download a sketch that includes custom libraries we could create a folder called Libraries within the ZIP, and add there all the custom libraries. When opening the sketch on the desktop IDE you will need to move the libraries in the correct folder in the Sketchbook folder of your PC - when you share a sketch with custom libraries via URL, we will need to make the URL of your custom library available either publicly or only in the backend, and automatically include it when someone adds your sketch to their online sketchbook

In your daily use which one is these 2 scenarios will be more useful to you?

Hi @00alis .

I understand.

My preferred option would be the second one. I'm currently working on a project which involves sharing sketches with teachers/educators from different schools. These sketches typically call on custom libraries.This is the reason why I need to be able to easily share sketches with custom libraries. All the teacher needs to do is find a working computer with a browser and an internet connection. I try and avoid the used of IDEs as they are not practical in a classroom setting. A lot of these schools have restrictions on what you can install. Also it would be a tedious task to have a teacher install an IDE on multiple computers and setup libraries accordingly. If the libraries change then they need to change it on all the computers. This adds a barrier to educator.


In the meantime an option would be to submit your libraries to the Library Manager, more infos here

This way all the sketches will be ready to go, no need to install anything. We will keep you posted on the custom lib embedding, but it is not going to be a quick process.

Thanks for your patience, Alice