Arduino cloud base home automation

He'llo everyone

I just wanted to know , how to add my Arduino cloud base home automation system with Google assistant or with my google nest device

For helping thanks in advance

What is the Arduino supposed to do? It's probably OK to build your own controller but IMO it's not worth building a controlled power outlet or light, etc.

Google is part of the Matter Alliance and they use the Zigbee protocol.

You can get Zigbee boards for the Arduino.

...I have a Z-wave system with a master timer/controller and about 10 controlled lights & outlets but I didn't build it myself. The controller is also Zigbee compatible so it might be compatible with Google but It's currently just a local system with no connection to the Internet (and I have no plans for Internet control).

I did build my own fade-up sunrise dimmer that plugs into a Z-wave controlled outlet.

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