Arduino Cloud no CP available. (WORK AROUND)

Still trying to bring life to an MKR on Win 7 X64

Look the nice Arduino people have their own cloud so lets pop it up on there and see if it behaves itself.

Got through the first couple pages but when I get to the screen "Your First Thing" I have lots of things I need to copy and paste inc the thing ID and thing PW etc. etc.

No options to CP out of there I can screen shot it of course but thats a little wasteful and long winded

Link to screenshot here

Being able to select text from screen at this point would be great.

Ok so click NEXT and am told to use the dashboard to create and monitor etc. but again nothing much available on this screen except the NEXT button. maybe this page is redundant ?

Up comes the ad new property box but the options seem pretty limited. but at this point I do have limited CP in the first box.

I leave it set at "cloudLedStatus", "Status", "Update on change" and select change.

Am now back at the "Name your first thing screen" with no idea what happened to what I just applied ? Did it save ? where did it go ? Did I achieve anything ? where is waldo ?

I know you guys are still playing with this stuff so I ain't expecting miracles just yet (maybe tomorrow)

just passing along what I am getting out here.

Hi Ballscrewbob,

Did you manage to setup your mkr1000 with Cloud?

from your post I see you are having some issues with the Getting Started Flow, where do you stopped?

I tried going on in the hope that it put the information into a pre-made sketch from the example or gave me another way to CP the information but it didn't.

However there is a work around.
Just found it.

Quit Arduino cloud and re-open.
Open "Your Thing"
Click the "Info" button
The text then becomes CP

A "Copy to clipboard" option earlier on would be a useful function.