Arduino Cloud service disruption 6/8

Arduino Cloud services are not operational as of now due to technical issues. Our team is working to restore availability. Follow this thread for updates.

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Thank you for the information, i had trouble since yesterday afternoon for connecting to the IOT cloud. Do you have any idea about how long it will take to get the system back up again? I was planning to give a demonstration this afternoon to some colleagues.

Update: services are partially restored, further checks are being done.

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Here it's working again, thank you!

Update: services are restored and situation is stable. We're seeing devices reconnecting to the cloud and sending data. Should you experience more issues, please report it to us.

We're still investigating about the causes of the incident and monitoring the situation. Reliability of cloud services is our priority.

Thanks for the post, though it was at least 12+ hours of unknown downtime before this thread was created. I hope there are plans in place for better communications in the future.

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