arduino + cmos camera + gsm/gprs

Hello Im trying to connect arduino to a cmos camera and a gsm/gprs module. The idea is to send little picture via mms or gprs once a month. Can you give me some advice about which camera and which module to use. Actually i'm evaluating telit for the modem. The solution must be as cheap as possible.


I don't think the Arduino is the thing to use for controlling images.. its throughput is 115Kbaud, sure, but you can only store a few KB at a time. If the camera module connects directly to the GSM module, that would be OK, with the Arduino just issuing control signals. Otherwise I would look for another platform... but maybe some of the engineering types in here have better advice.

What might be much smarter, design-wise, faster, and a lot cheaper, is to just remote control a camera phone using the Arduino's serial port, connected to the cell phone's serial port. I say that because the camera/gsm/ connections will cost you very little as they have already been engineered and mass-manufactured. It can be done, although I have not seen any details on anyone having done it.


PS: even sneakier approach: use the ArduinoBT to talk to a Bluetooth enabled phone with camera, telling it when to take pics and when to send them. No hardware development! Just a lot of software.

Thanks Daniel! I'm already evaluating some of what you said. (I'm also studdying how to connect a telit gsm862-pcs directly with a camera, like you said). Nokia s60 phones are python programmable phones so I'm thinking to use just python to do the control job but the solution need to be cheap (100-150$) and there will be NO power supply where the phone will work. Because of this I was asking for an arduino based solution that would consume pretty nothing and that activate the gsm module just when needed (once a month). I discovered an off-line mode on series 60 nokia phones to avoid network registering to save power but again I dunno how long the battery will go I have to experiment It.

I don't need a big resolution nor a big image format. It can be also black and white and the photo don't have to be stored. Just a few kb image for me will be good ! Maybe I don't understand when you say about throughput, can you speak me better?

hi Spino

by throughput I mean that you can't pass video through the Arduino: it can generally only handle control signals. But it can easily tell a camera what to do!

Modern cell phones are very low power, in fact they probably consume a lot less less power with their lid closed, on standby, than the Arduino does. The cell manufacturers spends millions on power engineering, while on the other end of the scale, to save costs, Arduino uses a 39 cent regulator that is very power inefficient.

good luck


Thank Daniel Understood! I Learned more here than when I started dwelwing into this project, researching around the web.


great :)

Think of it like a library... Arduino is sort of like the librarian, he/she doesn't have the bandwidth to read all the books in the library, but they can label them, organize them and check them out!