Arduino cnc program

Hi everyone I am new to arduino programming and i wanted to ask some questions. I would like to build a 2 axis cnc machine. I found this easy circuit that uses 2 easydriver and arduino uno. 1) ... 5K2LOU.pdf 2) ... 5MHM8Z.pdf

The problem that i have is that i don't know how to write the program to control the stepper motors whit the pc. Is there a piece of code out there that i could use for my project?

Did you use google as there are many examples on the forum/internet.

More important than the code is to get the (separate) power supply right and to have opto-coupling between Arduino and motor.

google is your friend.

CNC is a combination of a multitude of parts and effort.

you have to design a thing lay out all the exact points in space, usually with a CAD program then create a tool path, usually with more software take that file and use it to control the motors.

there are a LOT of people doing this sort of thing and there should be a lot of sites that walk you through each step.

it is easy to get the motor to move. but getting it to move with the steps and speed is a lot of work.

google control stepper with arduino to get started.

This is my version of a CNC, with arduino code to download.

Look at the code for a RepRap that is doing the same think.

Your Instructables links don't work so I can't check your components.

I am concerned that an Easydriver may not be powerful enough and you might need a BigEasydriver.