Arduino CNCN plotter

Hi everyone, well i´ve tried this check it out, my problem it is in the electronic part, in that diagram with those motors i use 12v for in pin number 8 of the l293d driver not 5v like that diagram says because i have 12v steppers, with the program charged and runing the g code example in i3 (all from that post) the motors doesn´t move if i connect them directly to the 12v supply they move but when i connect the mottors to the drivers, they don´t move, it looks like they want to move because if i push them softly they move a little… like they need more power i don´t know, i putted all the grounds together, i´m using a 12v drill battery and steppers from cd rooms (mini steppers) Please Help me with this i need your help :o :o :o :sob:

I hope this is not going to come as too much of a shock, but I am not going to take the trouble to learn some Instructables tutorial just so I can explain it to someone else.

If you want help here present all the information here. See How to use the Forum

Have a look at Stepper Motor Basics and at this Simple Stepper Code