Arduino code for Laminator

As I am completely new in C language programming but good in electronics,I need a program to run a project which will involve a laminator machine.This laminator will be use for toner print from pcb artwork.It has a heated roller and onto it there is a heat sensor connected to the inbuilt circuit.Unfortunetely,the heating temperature reached is not enough to completely transfer my pcb layout from the artwork.I used the laminator to fix the artwork on pcb using fab-in-box.The original sensor and circuit board will be removed and replace by an arduino uno or nano.The analog input will be a k-type thermocouple and the output control a solid state relay then output to the laminator element.

The following sketch is needed.The laminator roller temp should ramp from 20degC to 150degC in 5 steps of 30degC.On reaching 150degC should stay on like this unless stop switch is pressed.A led should lit on reaching this temp.The system should shutoff should the temp reach 188degC....

Any help for above will be much appreciated or if anybody knows a similar code exists,please send me the link.THANK YOU

Before you take the whole unit apart, what kind of sensor is used now? Can’t you just trick the device into thinking it’s cooler?

Or, you could just buy a cheap PID controller…

But if you really want to make the project that’s fine. At least you made a decent description of what you really want. A good start. Putting it in Programming questions instead of projects a bit less…

But a thermocouple isn’t easy to read directly. There are loads of IC’s that will do that or convert it.

Why should it ramp in 5 steps?

And the final thing to look at is a control loop.

Next step is to plan the program and start making code for each small element in little baby steps :slight_smile:

Thank you Septillion,

I have tried tricking the circuit by inserting a resistor to one of comparator gate,but still does not reached 150degC.

The new sensor will read up to 400degC and normally it should interface with an IC Temperature controller ,like the AD595,which will output a dc voltage 0v to 10v to the arduino analog input(equivalent to 0degC TO 400DegC).In fact ,you are right,I don't need the ramping in steps,just straight from 20 to 150degC.