Arduino code schrijven

hey hey,
kan iemand mij helpen om een arduino code uit te vinden?
deze wil ik als volgt..
ik wil dat er om de 10 procent een ledje gaat branden en dit tot 100 procent.
is dit mogelijk?

in het Engels alstublieft!

That is well possible. Did you do any attempt to write code?
Did you succeed in blinking one LED?
Start from there and build onward.
Ask questions if you are stuck.
There is a dutch department in the forum, but you will get more replies in the English forum.

Groet, Koen.

So, I'm working on my thesis and I want to have the percentage of the number of liters of water in my cistern in led's. For example, at the first 10 percent the first led lights up, then at 20 percent the second led, etc., but I really can't figure out how to do this.
so can you help me to make a code?

Read the book that is sent in the arduino package and read chapter 1.

Yes, we can help you write some code. What part can you not figure out? Can you show us your best attempt so far?

You could reduce the number of LEDs from 10 to 7 if you use a 7-segment display. Then you can display 0 to 9 and "F" for Full.

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