arduino coding of infrared sensor (tsop 1738) to light LEDs

we are developing an infrared shooting game which consists of an infrared transmitter and receiver. on the receiver side we are using arduino mega 2560 .we have to use multiple tsops on the recieving end on different locations such as head ,shoulders, heart. when the transmitter (gun) hits a particular sensor then the life of the player should go low.the life is dislplayed through LEDs . we are facing a lot of problems in coding as we are beginners to arduino .please help us

schematic of ir transmitter.gif

Seems that your biggest coding problem is that you don't have any code yet.
Layout what you want the code to do.
look in the playground for examples which might match some of your objective requirements,
try to put some of the pieces together,
Then come back and show us what you've got and what's troubling you.
don't forget to use code tags, or they will bitch about it.