Arduino coin drop laundry project

Hi all!

I am starting a project and am needing a bit of direction on this please. :slight_smile:

I am needing to connect three laundry machines to one coin-drop mechanism and control it with a single Arduino board. My idea is to have four backlit arcade game buttons in different colors, three to select each machine and one start button. I am new to Arduino and although I can write the code, I have little idea of where to start.

I am using an Uno and running a relay shield and a kwmobile LCD display module with keys for Arduino. I will need some help on where to find the libraries for both please.

Different machines need different times to run and have different costs. My coin drop will only accept 1 Euro coins so thats simple...

Operation: Client will press one of the three selector buttons and in so doing, select a machine. Price for that machine will be displayed on the LCD and count down the coins as they are dropped in. Start button will start the selected laundry machine and clear the system for another input while the activated timer counts down in the background.

I am thinking that someone has already created this but I have tried and can't find anything like it. Any help and suggestions will be much appreciated.