Arduino Commandline

I've put together a little something for those that do not wish to use the Arduino IDE. It is a makefile to aid in commandline building and uploading of sketches.

I would post the location of this wonderful package here, but it seems I'm not allowed to post links until I've made a post without links.

So, now that I’ve made a non-link post, here would be the location of the arduino-cli package:

This mostly works very well for me and I got all excited when it did. However, I'm having some very strange issues with the binaries I build from it.

It seems that when I build with arduino-cli, I'm unable to pass a char* to a function and have it see anything but null characters. If I build the same code with the normal arduino software it works as expected.

Any ideas? I hate having to use the little arduino "environment" :)

Personally I think it would be better to download the standard Arduino package as a prerequisite and then simply add a small CLI executable. That way you are not replicating the whole environment in your download and also hopefully your executable will not change so often. It is helpful if your CLI depends on the version of GCC and AVRDude in the Arduino package rather than some WinAVR version.

It is possible that you problem is caused by a mistake in one of these files that you copied. Try using the files from an Arduino IDE download.

Yeah, that was thrown together pretty hastily. Next time i get a chance to tinker with it, I'll slim it down.

Hi ArmedGeek.

I noticed you have a second version in there. Do you know if there are any issues?

I'm trying to use BBEdit on my Mac as the environment instead of the Arduino IDE.