Arduino Commercial Application

I am new to this forum and the Arduino world, but would like to take what we develop to operate on a kit level and make the product marketable. Any help from those who have successfully understood this process or even accomplished it would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, the Atmel AVR chips are available from Atmel, you don’t have to buy it on an Arduino board. I certainly would not want to release a commercial product with a bunch of shields plugged in to it.

Or there are more cheaply available products like the Arduino Mini, Nano, and the Teensy boards. The Teensy 3.1 especially allows you to use a QFN high pin count 48/96MHz Arm Cortex M4 chip without having to solder that monster chip. Or maybe that is not a problem if you have the setup and experience to solder them yourself, or are having them manufactured.

If you want to let others play and use with your devices, a addon board is a good choice. It is called a shield.

What are you developing ? Can you give free samples to let others write code for it ? Perhaps the shops like and are interested.