Arduino communicating with VB Application via Xbee


finally I have my Arduino with Servo and Motor under "control" :). Unluckily as some "stand-alone" set-up. Now I want to build some soft controlling interface on my PC. For the communication between PC and Arduino I decided to use some Maxstream Zigbees. On the PC side, I connect the Zigbee with a USB Dongle ( on the Arduino side as described here (

The question is now how to communication from a VB (Visual Basic 2008 Express) application with the Zigbee and then as a second step with the Arduino. Is there some knowledge in this community?

Greg :)

I hope that the USB dongle thing acts as a serial port on the PC side. If so, then it should not be to big a problem to send data to it from VB.

I have only tried VB 2005. What you should be looking for is the system/io/ports/serialport class.

I have only written a small app. that listens for data, but sending data should be just as easy.


thanks for your answer. I use VB 2008 Express. BTW: yes it is a serial com port. Currently I try the Information from the MSDN: general information: On this site you also find additional information for reading and writing.

Currently it does no look to bad. I have now some general VB questions, but that's a different story ;)


I found a VB sample application somewhere on the net.

It showed how to make a smal "chat" program between two computers connected with a Serial cable. I managed to get enough info frm tha program to do what i needed just to get started.


Do you have a copy of your code?


I'm at work right now, the code is at home, but i can put a zip file of the project on my web site and post a link to it later. It's very rudimentary though.

Hi, have you got round to putting the code on your website? it would be good to look at. Also if im allowed to be checky, did you write you sequencer programme in visual basic? if so can i have the source code?


Sorry i compleatly forgot.

I will post here when i get i done, hopefully later today.

I have found an application at, it is quite extenisve, but wuold need modifying to be of any use for Arduino!

I just realized that i had a copy of the project on my labtop right here next to me.

I put it here:

Don't be confused by the fact that it's called Vb serial chat or something like that i never bothered to rename the application i used as the starting point for my program.

Hope you can use this as a starting point for yours.

Ahhh thats an interesting site you found, and from Denmark like me :-)

I will dig through tha one of these days