Arduino Communication Device

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a University project which will use an Arduino Lilypad to communicate a message onto Twitter using a duplicate of the same device. However, I am unsure what parts I will need apart from the Lilypad to make this work. Below are a few questions I have initially.

Can I use Lilypads along with the XBee?

How could I communicate a message between the two devices? (my thoughts are to maybe use RFID technology, but I assume this will not enable me to send a custom message, e.g. Twitter username).

Is there a way to store information on a device which can attach to Arduino easily?

The main factor of this project is that it is portable. Power is not an issue as this will only be a concept and so will plug into a computer for a demonstration.

If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.



There are smaller lighter and less power-hungry RF modules available than the XBee - range is an issue of course. There is Bluetooth, ISM-band modules. RFID is typically not radio but near-field and thus strictly limited range.

You will also need an ethernet shield or a wifi shield to connect to the internet for twitter. Depending on the range, you could use 433 or 900mhz low range wireless to communicate between the two, or 2.4 if higher bandwidth is necessary.

Can I use Lilypads along with the XBee?

Yes, you can. The series 1 modules would be perfect for this. You'd need a XBee and lilypad style breakout board for the sender. A USB Explorer with XBee could connect to a receiving computer, which could be running an application that sent data to wherever.

So just to clarify - in addition to my current setup of an Arduino Lilypad I would need the following for each device:

XBee Series 1 A USB Explorer

I currently already have a USB Breakout Board which is attached to the Lilypad at the moment.

Please could you clarify the above? Is there anything else I would need or you would advise me to get?

Thank you very much for the advice given so far - very appreciated! I'm sorry for the late replies. With all the other projects I have on at the moment it's been difficult to keep track of everything! :(