Arduino communication


For my engineering project I'm building an automatic poker dealer. However, due to the amount of pin inputs needed for the stepper motor, servo and sensors we require two arduino boards in order to measure the inputs of the switches which tell us which player is playing or not. There are a total of 6 switches which correspond to Player1 to Player6. Now my question is. How can I connect these switches to Arduino1 and send these variables Player1-Player6 as (0 = no play, 1 = play) to Arduino 2 and use these variables in the code on arduino 2?

If all you need is more pins it would probably be easiest to just use a Mega. That's not to say you can't communicate between two Arduinos or even add hardware to a single Arduino to give it more inputs.

Yes I know that that would be the easiest solution. However, we do not have enough time to order any new components so we have to make it work with the two arduinos that we have

Which two Arduino boards do you have?