Arduino Compatibility ?

Hey there everyone, my question is pretty simple.

I made a keyboard that can be reprogrammed using the serial COM Port using the ATMEGA32U4 3.3V 8MHz. Link : Amazon link

I am looking to make 20 of these keyboards, I went to and Found this one for 5$. it's a 5V 16MHz. Will I have trouble inserting my existing code inside the new board or do you think it'll work right away ? BangGood link

Can’t say about that exact product but

I have had very good success with a variety of unbelievably cheap Arduino-like boards.

[edit: OK, I looked, that seems just fine…]

Once in awhile a dud, just dead. Sometimes there’s no bootloader, an easily solved problem. Markings on the board can be variously wrong or misleading, caveat programmer.

$5 a pop seems kinda expensive. :-) Look for one that comes without pins if you don’t need them and the stupid cable you have 12 of already. Buy in bulk.

Good luck as luck do enter into it. Or use real products, I still would wish you luck.


You’re saying you found some cheaper ones thant those ?? that’s the cheapest I’ve found. If you can find a cheaper one, I’d love to see it :o

I hope I won’t have too much problem, I can’t afford to buy the real 20$ ones…

Google. is. your. friend.

Yeah like I didn't searched. All it gives me is the ones I found on aliexpress baba and banggood for 5$ or the generic ones at 20$

I used the keyword "ATmega32u4" and searched Google Shopping sorted by Price: Low to High $3.21 + Free Shipping $3.08 + $1.00 shipping: $4.08 10 pack for $37.48 + $2.35 Shipping: $3.993 each.

I didn't know there was a "Google shopping" tool.

The one I had on bangood was 3.8$ so unlike alto777 said, it wasn't that expansive compared to what you found.

Thank you John.