Arduino Compatible Board with wiznet w5100 Etherne

Hey Guys,

Is there an Arduino Compatible Board on the market with the wiznet w5100 Ethernet onboard? (i.e. without a shield)

I've looked at all the usual suspects but can't find anyone that stocks one.

a nudge in the general direction would be fantastic!


found one ==> EtherTen Arduino compatible with onboard Ethernet | Freetronics

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

An official board will be launched soon with poe and sdcard

Hey Massimo,

That is awesome news, well worth the wait.

I believe i can kill two birds with the one stone with that device.

I have an Automated Brewery controlled by a Arduino and i currently log the data via the serial port to a PC and remote control it using VNC via a PC. I'm guessing it would be phaseable now to be able to log the data to a SD card and run a web server on the arduino to remotely control it directly?


to remotely control it directly?

Sort of like "Oh yah, there's an app for that" ??
As you whip out your cell phone to change the Mash temp?
Can't let the protein rest go on too long.

I'd like to see your work up on that brewery.

Hey CR,

I've got some pic and the source code up here ==> Google

Cheers Rob!

I would love to see this as well. I’ve been developing a robot control system for some time and would love to have a more robust, all-in-one solution rather than having to add the ethernet shield on top.

A pro model would be especially awesome if possible (with through hole solder points). Any updates on this product?