Arduino Compatible Device for Apps and Automation

I’ve been working on an Arduino compatible device to work as a finished product. Out of the box, it’s designed to link to mobile apps and make home automation more accessible. Right now, I’m working to get it into production via Kickstarter:

For less than the cost of an Uno, ethernet shield, plug and shipping, you can give your Arduino project a finished look, remote internet access and a host of new functionality.

In the spirit of the platform, hardware design files and software for the device will all be released open source. There should also be a fair amount of flash space left on the Atmega and a handful of Analog and Digital I/O headers for adding to the code.

Importantly, it will add Z-Wave, Insteon and some Zigbee HA capabilities to the Arduino platform. Arduino does X10 well, but X10 leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve also releasing a free web-service that relays messages, giving the benefit of dynamic DNS without the router configuration.

Take a look at the site, support if you are interested and let me know if you have questions, suggestions, or ideas.

Daniel Kleinman


there is already a project in the lab of my university that uses two hand wearable modules each including:
a 3 axis-accelerometer, an Arduino Pro mini 3.3V and an Xbee 1MW with Antenna. These modules send one each other data,compare them and display on a screen that the one of the two modules bear.

Now,I need these data to be sent to a mobile(preferably smartphone,PDA) wirelessly and to be displayed there instead of the small screen previously used.

Should I keep the existing hardware and sent it with the Xbee module?So,are there mobile phones that communicate wirelessly with Zigbee
( 802.15.4 IEEE) and if so,do they need extra hardware to be implemented?

The second opcion would be to abort the Xbee modules and replace them with bluetooth that all mobile include.

What seems better?Or of course any other ideas?

Thank you in advance!
In this case what bluetooth hardware is needed given the use of the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V? As you see,there is a space limit because of its a wearable "watch" layout.