Arduino compatible frequency counter


I saw many topics about frequency counting. Since 2017 I have been interested by the subject and made a lot of prototypes and evaluated precisely the results. I was never satisfied and left it. But I often receive demands for my frequency counter board . So I decided to re-launch the project, just a little modified. I will maybe propose something based on cortex in the future but until now I have been disappointed by the precision of cortex MCU even though they are clocked fast, interrupts and clock signals are slow and due to many interrupts with priorities, the results are unconstant. So for now I keep on with using the Atmega328p that works quite well.

I hope to launch at the end of the month on KS: Arduino compatible precision frequency counter 5 or 120 MHz by Thierry GUENNOU — Kickstarter

This counter uses Paul Stoffregen libraries

  • freqMeasure for frequencies up to 1 KHz
  • freqcount above 1 KHz

And a prescaler for frequencies from 5 MHz to 120 MHz.

What might be interesting to the Arduino user is that it is programmed in the Arduino environment. The program can be changed, so the counter can be used for another function. And it can communicate over I2C and USART to be incorporated in a tool chain. Plus the fundamental idea was to make it robust so it can take plus or minus any signal up to 30 volts.

Let me know if you are interested!

This is to let you know that the campaign has launched on KS

If you might be interested or know people interested please share the word. I launched this campaign in 2017. It was not much successful. Then I regularly received messages to get one, but did not have all the parts!

So, Now is the time !