arduino compatible GPS


i tried cooking hacks GPS MODULE FOR ARDUINO / RASPBERRY PI & Skylab UART GPS Module (For Microcontroller and Arduino) but none is working in our region because of weak signal, so i was wondering if there is any other GPS that is compatible with the arduino and can be programmed with c language other than these two.


the 2 GPSs links

GPS? Weak signal? Where are you? The signal comes from satellites so I would have thought it should be fairly even across major land masses / the globe.

Did you buy the internal antenna for the Cooking Hacks GPS? If not, it’s no surprise that you can’t get a fix. I can’t figure out why they say you need to put a plastic box over the thing to get a fix.

The Skylabs one does have an internal antenna and the receiver spec is as good as the one I use here which locks without problems inside my house.

How are you hooking them up and what code are you using?