Arduino compatible I2C chip that reads ISO15693 - convert external C library?

Does anyone have experience with a library that supports a tag reader reading ISO15693 cards? For example, the CLRC663, or TRF7970A?

The CLR663 for example comes with a comprehensive library, detailed here: And the library itself is here: Would this work in Arduino IDE directly?

The PN532, there's a lot of amazing code out there, but that IC unfortunately does not read 15693 cards!

I saw a couple posts about this but they seem inconclusive.

When you find a module with a suitable (SPI, I2C…) interface, consult its data sheet for the command and data formats. Then write your own library for that module, implementing the commands you need.

I wrote this library for this module

It is still under development, but I'm actively working on it now


A quick Google search turned up this project: