Arduino Compatible Nano EA

please can you take a look here

how do you program this device ? can it talk via usb / serial ?

I have a few, you need an FTDI USB--> serial or a compatible module. I really, really recommend getting a decent FTDI unit because you really do not want to have to have to figure out if the USB-serial is an issue when you have code problems with the mini.

Be sure to buy a 3.3V - 5.0V jumper select version!!! It is very helpful even if you only use one voltage (at present.)
Example: FTDI Friend + extras [v1.0] : ID 284 : $14.75 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

I have a box of like 30'ish of these 328's... they work great for inexpensive projects. A defect does appear every once in a while - some can be fixed...


You need one of these:

(or similar)

You connect it to the row of 6 holes on the end of the Pro-Mini (solder some of the pins supplied with the pro-mini into those holes and it just plugs onto them).

thanks guys

i knew i would regret buying them lol

i can think of a few projects to use them - maybe good for a robot etc

is there any way i can wire the tx / rx to a serial port or something similar ?


wow 1 failure in 100 is awesome

cheers for the advice - what did you use them for ?


would this allow me to connect via the serial port ok ?


I knew I would regret buying them lol

Why should you regret buying them? They are compact and perfect for any device where you do not need the USB interface once programmed.

would this allow me to connect via the serial port ok ?

It would, but you have to provide the power separately (to the Pro Micro, and from it back to the converter board) as the serial port does not provide it like the USB port does. And you have to figure out what to connect, including the RTS for the auto-upload.

Thanks for the advice - I didn't consider using the USB to power the device !