Arduino compatible system

Hello everybody,

Few days ago I finish to test my final project, thanks to Arduino project I was able to design my hardware.

The name I called is nothing about "Arduino" but total software compatible (328P).

My system is ready to install in electric installation, home and industry, with its own enclosure for DIN rail.

I'm Spanish, in this moment I live in China,and I thinking comeback to home ... Ok!

I have worked on this idea for three years and now I'm thinking to offer this product to everybody, and I have no idea about this questions with arduino organization. Of course, this is a final product, no prototype and I'll agree to CE approvals and all the necessary regulations.

Anyone can introduce me about all that questions? What can I do? and How can I participated with Arduino organization?

Thanks for your great work


now I'm thinking to offer this product to everybody

Like open source?
Or in your online store?


Be logic, if i write here, and i can read into the FAQ something about Arduino ...

I want information about how to work Arduino organization, because in this moment I am currently considering to take one of the both ways.

Arduino = Opensource, isn't it?

My store?, in this moment is just an idea

You could also try on your own. Get a batch manufactured quickly and low cost, since you are in China and could have direct contact with manufacturers. If the product is successful, you will make your money and get the glory too.
What kind of help do you expect from the Arduino organization? Financial? Advertisement/exposure?