Arduino compile remotely

Dear members,
I am using the Arduino IDE since many years on PCs with no more value then $25, these PCs are indestructible, they resist even +12V on the USB port. These PCs are good for compile for Arduino (Atmega328) boards, but now I need to compile for ESP32 and these PCs are very slow.

I have a PC with an Intel Core i9 processor, I want to use this for compiling, but I want to connect the Arduino/ESP32 boards to the $25 PCs.

I think I have 3 possibility:

  1. Write the code on the $25 PC and use the i9 for compiling (I have no idea for this)
  2. Make a virtual machine on the i9 and connect (over internet) for this from the $25 PC.
  3. Write the code on the i9, compile on it, but somehow share the COM/USB port over internet and use the $25 PC for upload.

If anyone have idea/solution for this, please help me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

  1. Write and compile code on i9, then transfer binaries to $25pc for upload…

How close to “sysadmin” is your skill set? Everything running windows?
(I would find it easier if everything was Linux…)

Thank you very much for the response!
I have a bit expereince in Linux inclusive in the kernel compiling.

On the i9 I can install Ubuntu in a VM and I can install the Linux on the $25 PCs.