Arduino compiler delays on Windows 7

I realize Win7 is still beta but that being said, I am running it on my tablet and I use it to program Arduino devices in the field. Version 0013 runs no problem, but it responds slowly to opening a menu option in the compiler, starting the debug terminal and starting an 'Upload to IO Board' command. The sketch upload delay is really the issue, it delays the upload as much as 35 seconds. I know this by timing how long it takes before the Sanguino LED starts blinking, indicating an 'in progress' upload. After pressing the 'Upload' command, I keep pressing the Sanguino's reset button, then waiting a couple seconds for the LED to start blinking, then repeat until the LED shows the upload is in progress. The debug terminal delay is about 8 secs. Once the terminal is running, it responds normally.

I have tried running the compiler with the Java folder and without, while JRE 6 update 12 is installed. Also running the compiler as admin and I tried both XP & Vista compatibility mode. If anyone has any constructive suggestions, I would like to hear them.


Do you have bluetooth on that Win7 machine :)?

Thanks, it seems to be the bluetooth com ports slowing things down as your link explains.