Arduino Compiler Won't Run

So I put a newest version of Ubuntu on my laptop because the previous version said that my hard drive was about to crash and smart data refused to format my hard drive so I put a disc in thinking that wiping the old operating system would clear all the reallocated sectors it didn't and when I put the thumb drive in with the old version of arduino 0018 and 0022 and tried to run them it would never give me the option to run it would just pull up the gedit text file. So I downloaded and installed the latest version of the arduion compiler 0023 and this version gives me the options of run in terminal, display, cancel, or run. I always chose run and it would bring up the arduino compiler now I chose run and nothing happens?? Anyone have this problem or know why 0018 and 0022 only show a text file now?

Have you tried downloading the Arduino IDE from the Ubuntu repository? Mine works well with Ubuntu 11.10 and Arduino V0022.

Watch the messages during the install tho. Mine was "unable to add user to uucp group" during the install and I had to add myself to that group manually.